How to re-design slide

Slide redesign: HR Onboarding Process Flow

Here is a redesign case study showing how you can graphically change a PowerPoint slide describing an HR onboarding process.

We will use the presentation explaining hiring with pre-onboarding and without it.

Slide with HR diagram before the redesign

Our source slide contains a table describing the steps of this HR process.

diagram before redesign hr recruitment process powerpoint effective-slides
How to re-design slide

Slide redesign: Change Management Kotter’s Stages Timeline

Here is a design case study showing how you can facelift a slide with steps or stages list.

In this case, we take a specific content from Change management theory – Kotter’s change model which contains a set of eight stages.

Original source slide contains text in form of ordinary bullet points.


What Makes an Effective Presentation Slide?

A presentation is a visual form of communication, where content is presented in form of slides. You can use various software applications for creating effective slide presentations. The most popular are Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Docs Slides, and Apple’s Keynote. I will focus here on PowerPoint, but the same rules are valid for making a professional presentation content. These rules are based on designing best practices that ensure slides are easy to read.