How to re-design slide

Slide Redesign: Use Visuals to Present Digital Transformation Strategy

Are you preparing a presentation for a digital transformation strategy, but you aren’t sure where to start? Presenting complex topics such as business strategy transformations can be very difficult to summarize in a simple slide containing only text because it won’t send the message in an understandable way.

Today in this blog post, we will explain how to solve this issue by using visual graphics to show the comparison of traditional to digital marketing as an example.

But first, let’s see what the “don’t” slide looks like.

How to re-design slide

Slide Redesign: Replacing Boring Table – Omnichannel Retail Strategy

Don’t you have an impression that raw tables in PowerPoint are monotonous and unattractive to read? Tables are very often used in PowerPoint content, so to make your presentation unusual, try something different for a change. I recommend replacing them with a more creative design.

So let me show you how to do it. You will redesign your boring table into a stunning infographic just with a few steps. We’re going to use a slide representing the omnichannel retail strategy.

Slide with the omnichannel retail strategy before the redesign

Our source slide contains a raw table full of text. It’s not very smooth to read it and does not look attractive at all, due to the default monotonous table design.

diagram gap omnichannel retail strategy ppt slide before redesign

Let’s see what an interesting infographic we can create using simple shapes available in PowerPoint.

How to re-design slide One-Pager in PowerPoint

Slide Redesign: Company Snapshot One-pager Leaflet

I’m going to present you a few tips to use in PowerPoint for a graphical change of leaflet with a company snapshot.

We will use the one-sheet leaflet containing business key information in a snapshot, also called a one-pager.

Slide with company snapshot before the redesign

Our source slide contains a lot of text blocks and is hard to read.

templates onepager company snapshot before redesign

Let’s see how you can change it into a visually appealing infographic, using just a few hints.