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Slide Redesign: Use Road Signs Graphics for Rule Incorporation

Do you need to express rules, regulations or dos and don’ts on a slide? Consider illustrating your points with a visual metaphor everybody recognizes – traffic signs. Adding such graphics will help you to pass a clear message while having the audience’s full attention thanks to the symbols.

Let’s see how we can redesign a slide with a list of workplace regulations.

The Slide Before the Redesign

powerpoint slide without the roadmap graphics

Our source slide presented here uses a simple enumeration list that looks monotonous and stuffed. It doesn’t have any attention-drawing elements and therefore, the audience won’t stay engaged. Let’s see what the improved version looks like.

The Redesigned Slide With Road Signs Graphics

When we compare them together, we can see that adding road signs actually makes the text appear shorter and not so overwhelming. Additionally, the icons give an immediate association of the upcoming topic.

Now let’s get onto creativity.

Step 0: Analyze the information

Before thinking about how to redesign a slide, take a moment to consider the type of information you have on a slide. This is a crucial step that will tell you what graphics to choose.

On the source slide, you can see that this is a list of four regulations. Even though numbering suggests there is an order, the content tells you it’s just a list of independent items. So we can use a list diagram that can represent all items with some thematic illustration. For our 4 points list, we chose bigger road signs graphics. But if there were 5 or more elements on the list it would be hard to put there five, six or more road signs next to each other without overwhelming slide.

Keep in mind that slides must be always clear and easy to read. Choose graphic elements adequately to the amount of content you have.

Step 1. Create a road sign from simple shapes

Create a road sign by using several basic PPT shapes, such as one full circle, the other one outlined, dots, and lines. Now combine them all together.

Step 2. Add up to 4 signs

Just as in the previous step, keep creating these signs. Make sure that the slide doesn’t look stuffed and the elements aren’t too close. Use align and distribute options in PowerPoint.

Step 3. Write down the text

Under each sign add the text from the list, and highlight the headers with a lighter color to emphasize them better.

Step 4. Finish it with icons

As the last step, add icons that will represent each rule or strategic step. Opt for white flat icons to make them contrast with the background for better visibility.

You can play more with these graphics. If you would like to express that those 4 areas are strongly interconnected, even overlapping, you just move signs closer, make them overlap a bit. This will create a kind of Venn diagram, see similar examples in these presentation slides with overlapping Venn diagrams.

We hope you find this guide useful and creative. Get inspired with these roadmap graphics presented in this video:

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If you prefer to prepare slides by yourself, check out this free sample with infographic diagrams and icons.


The slide illustrations we used here are part of the infoDiagram’s Road Signs Infographics Template gallery. Make sure to check it out for more visuals.

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