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Slide Redesign: Presenting Team or Contact Persons

Do you need to present in your pitch deck the key persons to contact? The easiest way to show your team on the slide is to put the data into the table. But we don’t want to use a typical table that we know from Excel. Let’s create an interesting infographic in PowerPoint on the base of the table. It will make our content more attractive to your audience.

Let’s see a slide with a standard table before the redesign and how it can be enhanced easily on the example of the slide with organic shapes.

The Key Contact Persons Table Before the Redesign

The slide used as a source before the redesign is a simple, black-and-white table filled with personal data. Such a slide looks boring and it’s hard for the audience to find anything interesting or catchy.

The primary purpose of presenting data on slides is to make them visually enough attractive to be memorized.

table key contact personas slide before redesign powerpoint

Let’s see what the redesigned version of the table can look like.

The Contact Persons Presentation After the Redesign

The slide presented below looks more like an infographic than the table. It’s clear and easy to understand and what’s the most important content is presented in a creative way. With that slide, we used the unusual palette of earth colors corresponding with organic shapes around the content. Also, graphics of people were replaced with employees’ photos – it makes the content real.

If you want to know more about the table redesign, check out our series of posts for inspiration.

table key contact personas slide after redesign powerpoint
Source: Creative Eco Green Project Presentation, Organic Blobs (PPT Template)

Looking at those two slides next to each other, you can see that colors and shapes are making the content more attractive. While black-and-white designs with monotonous fonts are boring and do not attract the audience.

table key contact personas slide comparison powerpoint

Here is a simple redesign instruction describing what’s needed to recreate such an infographic slide.

Step 0. Analyze the slide content

Before you start, see what is in the content and how you could group that information to make them more readable.

The source slide contains the 4×4 table filled mostly with text. The columns of the table look the same. It is hard to verify which person’s data are presented. Ask yourself if it has to look like a table at all.

Before starting the redesign process try to focus on the hierarchy of the content in every column. Is the order presented properly? So first is the name of the person, then the position and at the end, the email address and the phone number + remember about the photos. They must be placed together with personal data. Take a look at the slide before the redesign. There everything is white and the table is quite small and placed in the center. It’s a space-wasting, try to plan your content in such a way as to fill the whole space of the slide but remember about the margins.

As we have four people to present we can divide our slide into the big 2×2 table and place each person’s data in one cell. Of course, we don’t want to make the table’s frames visible, the whole content is placed on a light-colored background.

It’s worth diversifying text not only with the size but also with the font’s style and colors.

Step 1. Present the team with a stylish organic blob shape

Illustrate each team member with a stylish organic blob shape. Distribute shapes evenly on a slide.

guide on creating project team PPT diagram first step slide

Step 2. Prepare and crop pictures of the team members

Crop pictures into a circle shape or inside a blob shape and add them to frames.

guide on creating project team PPT diagram second step slide

Step 3. Fill the content with the personal data

Fill in the name, position, and contact data for each member. Diversify text with the font size. You can also use different colors for the names.

guide on creating project team PPT diagram third step slide

Step 4. Enrich the graphic with icons and colors

Add a light-colored background to the content and additional elements like icons and blob shapes to create a consistent look.

guide on creating project team PPT diagram fourth step slide

Here you can find a YouTube tutorial with more extended options of presenting data in organic PowerPoint presentation.

If you like the slide redesign, you can practice your design skills with this free sample collection.


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