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Slide Redesign: Listing Talent Management Components with a Hexagon Diagram

Do you need to present a list on a slide? In this blog, I will show you how to do it effectively and creatively without using typical for lists numbers or bullet points. I’m going to use an example of the presentation of talent management components. Even if you may not be working with human resources, this slide transformation can give you an idea of how to change any other slide that has a list of items.

It’s a no-brainer that every presentation should look appealing, simple, and element-rich, but most importantly, send a loud and clear message to the audience in a limited time.

We have turned a traditional-looking slide into an interesting infographic illustration.

The whole slide makeover required only four steps.

Talent Management Components Slide Before the Redesign

The displayed source slide looks very unengaging and bland. There aren’t any catchy elements that could trigger the interest of the audience. Also, the simple enumeration on a white background isn’t leaving the desired impression.

Let’s see now what the improved version looks like.

Talent Management Components Slide After the Redesign

talent management components slide after the makeover ppt
Source: infoDiagram HR Talent Management Presentation PowerPoint Template library

The redesigned slide looks far more interesting and appealing. The colorful elements stand out, and yet everything looks well ordered and not over-stuffed.

Let’s compare them together now.

Evidently, the uplifted slide looks far better and stands out in a nice way, compared to the one on the left-hand side.

Keep following the next steps to see how we recreated the final version of the slide.

Step 1. Replace the enumeration with a diagram list

Bullet points, enumeration… it gets boring over time and kills the creativity. On that note, we have replaced this old-fashioned method with a hexagon diagram, distributed in a honeycomb form. It looks much cleaner, and the space is used just right.

Step 2. Add representative icons for each component

To give your audience a better understanding of the discussed topic, add representative icons to further emphasize and distinguish every talent management component.

Step 3. Enrich your slide with vivid colors

Make each of the diagram elements richer by adding different colors for every component.

Step 4. Add space for a description and comments

As a final step, leave some space (e.g. on the left-hand side) where you can put your comments and present more details.

I hope you find this guide useful and inspirational for your next presentation.

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The graphic slide makeover used in this post is part of the infoDiagram HR Talent Management Presentation Template. Check there for more slide illustrations and creative ideas.

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