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Slide Redesign: Euler Diagram for Presenting Overlapping Items

Do you need to present overlapping items or elements that have something in common? Giving such information can be quite messy and look unclean. The solution for that is simple – use diagrams!

There is a specific type of diagrammatic visualization that is great for presenting complex hierarchies or concepts that share similarities. They are called Euler diagrams.

In this guide, we will see how to convert a complex table into a clean-looking slide with an Euler Diagram illustration explaining the overlap between the supranational European bodies.

The Slide Before the Redesign

powerpoint slide redesign idea without the euler diagram

Our source slide presented above looks very average and not so easy to understand immediately. The audience needs to take a decent amount of time to understand the point.

The Slide After the Redesign

powerpoint slide redesign idea changing complex table to euler diagram ppt
Source: Euler Diagrams of Set Relationship (PPT Template) deck

When compared together, we can definitely say that the uplifted slide sends a far more precise message, and looks more modern and appealing.

with and without euler diagram comparison ppt slide

Let’s see now how we recreated this slide in a few steps.

Step 0. Analyze the source information

Before you start slide creation, take a moment to analyze the information you want to present. Identify overlapping areas. There may be several levels of overlap, like in our example of various European bodies. Therefore try to sketch out several versions showing how areas interfere. See what they have in common. Choose the best representation.

Step 1. Illustrate with shapes

Start by adding rectangle shapes with different colors, and add opacity to make the overlap more visible.

slide makeover idea step 1

Step 2. Position the rectangles to explain the common and separate areas

As next, position the rectangles to express the separate and common areas of the Supranational European Bodies – EU, Schengen Area, EEA…

slide makeover idea step 2

Step 3. Add the examples – countries

Write down the country names in the corresponding zone, whether this is EU, EEA, or Schengen membership, or where they overlap.

slide makeover idea step 3

Step 4. Highlight the zone you talk about

During your presentation, always highlight the group you talk about, just as we did in the example below with the Eurozone.

slide makeover idea step 4

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The slide redesign guide we used in this blog is an inspiration from the infoDiagram’s Euler Diagrams of Set Relationship PPT Template collection. Check it out for more graphics.

In this blog, you can also find more design tips on how to present overlapping items.

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